Hassle Free Prescription Transfers & Free Local Delivery

Moving to Woodpointe Pharmacy is as easy as calling us at 616.949.4499. We’ll handle the rest, including contacting your existing pharmacy, getting approvals from your insurance company and delivering your prescription to you for free within a 3 mile radius. If you desire, we’ll even drop off your prescription at work and offer a free mailing service for compounds and multiple prescriptions. We keep a well stocked inventory so your needs can be taken care of promptly.

We work directly with insurers and physicians behind the scenes handling prior authorizations, refill requests, and insurance issues. Our goal is for you to have what you need, when you need it, with zero hassles on your part.

Prescription Savings Plan

Over 300 prescription drugs are available through Woodpointe Prescriptions Savings Club with discounted prices starting at $4.99. This generic drug program takes the stress out of filling many commonly prescribed prescriptions.

The attached PDF's detail medications available through this plan.
30 Day Supply        90 Day Supply

Yellow Jug Old Drugs Program

We participate in this great program to help keep our waterways clean through safe disposal of prescription drugs. Simply bring in your expired or unwanted prescriptions for non-controlled prescription and over the counter drugs and we will safely dispose of them.

Convenient Dispill Medication Organizer

If you've ever lost track of when to take your medications, you will love Dispill. We organize your medications in sealed packets. Each individual blister pack lists the person's name, the medication within the packet and the time it should be taken. The safe, simple and convenient Dispill blisters are easy to open, portable, color coded to indicate the time of day medication should be taken, cleaner, more convenient than traditional pill bottles and an effective medication reminder system. Each Dispill packet is verified by our pharmacist to ensure accuracy. To learn more about Dispill, you can visit their website here.

Actual Client Testimonial

"I'm a bit of an expert on pharmacies due to the number of medications I need and have found Woodpointe Pharmacy to be the best pharmacy I've ever dealt with. It's so refreshing to do business with a place that genuinely cares about me as a person, knows me by name and goes out of their way to make sure that I have all the right information to use my prescriptions safely.

Everything about using their services is easy. When I transferred my prescriptions from a mail order pharmacy and another local pharmacy, Woodpointe handled everything without a hitch. They even deliver my prescriptions to my home for free.

Their personalized, thorough service and incredibly nice staff make this a place that I love doing business with.”
Barbara, Actual Woodpointe Pharmacy Patient

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